SFIDC Equipment and Supply Information

Welcome to the SFIDC Equipment & Supply page.  SFIDC is the dispatch center for over 65 Federal, State and Contract Engines, Patrols, and Water tenders.  SFIDC relies heavily upon local agreements to facilitate the movement of resources and utilizes agreements between SFIDC and dispatch centers in California, within North Operations and South Operations Coordination Center, as well as Central Nevada Dispatch and Nevada Division of Emergency Management in the Western Great Basin.


VIPR Dispatch Priority List

(Links to VIPR for the following: Engines, Support Water Tenders, Tactical Tenders, Hand Wash Stations [Trailer-Mounted], Mechanic Service Trucks, Clerical Support Units, Weed Washers, Buses, Helicopter Operations Trailers)

Pre-Use Inspection Forms

Support Water Tender
Tactical Water Tender
Trucks / Pickups

Equipment and Supplies

National Interagency Support Caches
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